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How Is Autism Treated in Children?

Learn about treatment options for children with autism from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


So treatment for autism comes in a variety of different ways. It really depends on the individual abilities and capabilities of the child because every child has different strengths and limitations. More common treatments for autism include speech and language therapies to really help the child to develop good receptive, expressive language skills, pragmatic and social language and communication skills. Other therapies that are very common include occupational therapy for fine motor movements or physical therapy to help a child with their gross motor movements. Occupational therapies also help for a child who has difficulties with sensory processing and sensory input. Another very common therapy is parent behavior training and applied behavior analysis which helps the child learn how to function day to day through small, discrete learning tactics. Sometimes parents ask does medication help with autism. Medication in and of itself does not help to decrease some of the symptom that we see of autism. But if a child with autism is particularly anxious or irritated or has difficulties with hyperactivity sometimes these supplemental medications can help abate those other symptoms. So these are some of the more common behavior strategies for treatments for children with autism

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