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Depression Risk Factors in Children & Teens

Learn about the risk factors of depression in children and teens from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


So the risk factors for depression in children and teenagers is not well understood. What we do know is that the risk is increased if there is a chemical inbalance in the brain and oftentimes this is hereditary, inherited through the family tree. What we have to understand is the risk factors are often exacerbated when there is a stressful event in the child's life, such as a change in school, perhaps a move, a marriage, or some type of loss. We also have to recognize that the risk factors, if unnoticed and untreated, do exacerbate to more difficult situations that can lead to other disorders such as anxiety. While research is still being conducted to understand the risk factors of depression in children and teens, what we do know is that if signs and symptoms of depression are present in your child immediate intervention is required.

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