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How Depression Is Diagnosed in Children & Teens

Learn how depression is diagnosed in children and teens from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


If you suspect that your child or teenager has signs and symptoms of clinical depression it is important to contact a clinical professional. A clinical professional will sit with you and your family and discuss your child's developmental history, your child's academic progress and there may be some testing and evaluations that need to be conducted. A child who is depressed may not always show very obvious or overt signs or symptoms so a thorough diagnostic interview will be important. It requires multiple forms of information sometimes to understand the symptoms. So, it will be helpful to gain information from not only parents but also teachers, tutors and coaches and sometimes peers and siblings are involved in the diagnostic process. Parents should work very closely with their clinical professional and provide as much information as possible to help diagnose your child to determine if your child meets criteria for childhood clinical depression.

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