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How Is Depression Treated in Children & Teens?

Learn about treatment options for depression in children and teens from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


So there are many different treatment options for Childhood Clinical Depression. They come in the form of behavioral therapies, and psychotherapy, as well as medication. Oftentimes it's important to sit down with a clinical professional. Your child may work individually with the therapist and the family may be included from time to time as well. Oftentimes there are underlying causes that have exacerbated your child's symptoms of depression. There are other options such as medication for treating Childhood Clinical Depression. These medicatiosn are typically antidepressants and sometimes there are anxiolytics that are also quite helpful. The combination of behavior therapy and psychotherapy and medications are the most optimal treatments for Childhood Clinical Depression. It's important to work with your clinical professional, so you can definitely let them know whether the signs and symptoms are increasing or if there are any side effects. Treating Childhood Clinical Depression comes in many different forms, but these are some of the more typical strategies that are used.

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