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Eating Disorders in Children & Teens

Learn about eating disorders in children and teens from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


Eating disorders in children and teens have numerous ranges of causes. For instance, children may overeat or restrict their eating based on emotional issues or underlying psychological factors. There's also a genetic component to children having difficulties with eating and overeating. What we do understand is, sometimes, eating disorders are linked to depression or anxiety. Children who overeat often have issues related to feeling in control or feeling like they might be losing control in some aspect of their life.

Eating disorders are broad. Depending on the type of eating disorder, a wide range of treatments are available. There's behavior therapy and psychotherapy. Many times when eating disorders become quite significant and severe, they do require medical treatment and hospitalization. Some of the signs and symptoms of eating disorders include significant weight gain or weight loss, candy wrappers being found in unusual places in the child's room, the child skipping meals, the child having excessive exercise, sometimes worry, or questions, or excessive planning of menus surrounding meal time.

Because eating disorders are quite complex, it's important to understand some of these basic signs and the information related to eating disorders in children.

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