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What Is Bullying?

Learn about bullying from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


Bullying is an epidemic and it is never okay. There are long term determent to bullying for those that are the victim as well as for children that are doing the bullying what we are finding is that boys who bully tend to be more physical where as girls tend to show more behind the scene bullying by avoiding or ignoring there targets. Today bullying is clearly taking a new form with technology children are now bullying one another through electronics as well the social media. Schools are starting to take more action and they are really organizing formal anti-bullying programs and campaigns these involve the community, these involve children, parents, teachers, and everyone involve in the community. Parents should recognize some of the sings of bullying which include a child who does not want to go to school or seem anxious or nervous about going to classes. A child who avoid activities that they use to enjoy isolation, withdraw, or even academic decline could be signs that your child is being bullied. If you suspect this don't over react and become in rage but simply talk to your child and find out exactly what is going on document these incidents of bullying contact the school and have a formal sit down meeting with all of the parties involve so that some resolution can occur. While there is a great deal of research which determining the most effective programs these are some important factors about bullying to consider.

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