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What Is Cyberbullying?

Learn about cyberbullying from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


So we're used to bullying being considered something that's physically or verbally aggressive towards another individual. Yes, this does occur, but what we're now recognizing is that, with technology, there's now something called cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying occurs when children taunt and tease each other through the electronic media, through text messages, instant messages or through their social media pages. This is pretty rampant because it's very difficult to identify. The children who are bullying feel like they're anonymous, and this bullying can be very, very aggressive. When children are victimized, it seems very easy to say, hey, they should just turn off their electronic gadget. It makes it very difficult, when they're being taunted, not to respond also through some form of electric media. As long as the children are going back and forth and they feel anonymous, this really can escalate a situation and make it very, very dangerous.

Many schools now have electronic gadget and social media policies that really help to remove the prospect that children may be bullied. While there are many rules and regulations in place to help to keep children safe through electronic and social media, these aspects of bullying and cyber bullying are important for parents to understand.

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