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6 Basic Elements of a Surfboard

Learn about the six basic elements of a surfboard from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


The basic element of a surfboard is the anatomy of the surfboard. Basically it is the nose of the surfboard and then at the bottom of the surfboard is the tail at the end. And then you have your deck, is on the top; which is what you are paddling on. And then you have your sides are rails. And also on of your basic elements of your surfboards, you have your fins; which are what you steer the surfboards by. One of the elements of a surfboards, the most important is the rocker of the surfboard. The bottom contour of the rocker. And in this one its a single to double with v of the tail. The leash cup is what you put your leash on, it is what attaches to your leg and attaches to the board so if you fall of the board is right with you. And that's the anatomy of a surfboard.

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