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5 Types of Surfboards

Learn about the five different types of surfboards from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


Here's the types of boards that you have. You have your short board, you have your guns, you have your fishes and you have your eggs, or fun shapes, and then you have your long boards.

Your short board and your guns are for the experienced surfer that knows what he wants. Basically, your short board is for surfing the critical part of the wave and pumping your board rail-to-rail generating speed. Whether it's flying through the air or cutting back or getting barreled, basically, your short board is your high performance surfing.

Now your guns, your guns are for much larger surf, much powerful surf. Your guns are going to be used by your expert surfers who are adrenaline rushers who like the charge of the big, big surf.

Now you have your fishes which are the small wave boards. And the small summer surf, and the small mushy surf. And the fishes are good for your beginners, your immediate, and your experts because they're an all around surf board. And your egg boards are, again, great for your beginner and up to your expert. More than likely, your beginner and your immediate surf boards are going to use these boards. They are full noses, width in the tail and width in the center, real easy to turn on those fun days.

Then you have your long boards, or your Malibu's. Basically they start at the nose wide, they go all way through the center wide, and they in the tail they're wide as well. And then these boards are great for the beginner surfers who needs that extra paddling, that extra thickness to get up on the board, have it be stable, and ride it all the way to the shore.

And that is your basic surfboards.

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