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What Is a Retro or Egg Surfboard?

Learn about retro, or egg, surfboards from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


If you're going to choose an egg surfboard, you're basically an intermediate surfer or an expert surfer. The egg board is also good for beginners and intermediate, because it's real wide. You've got a lot of surface area. It's got a fuller nose, so there's a lot of area up in the nose, and the area goes all the way back to the tail. Which the surface area is giving you a planing surface on the water, so it's real easy for beginners and intermediates to get up on an egg surfboard.

Also an egg surfboard is good for the longboarder who is transitioning down, who wants to do more turns on a wave. When you go thicker, you get better paddling and better flotation. Same with the width, you get a lot more flotation and better paddling with the width. And with the rails of the surfboard, they're very soft and forgiving for the beginner.

Your egg shape is also a thruster, which it means has three fins. And the bottom contours are single and then they go to V. V helps stable out the board and help the beginner or the intermediate turn the board over on rail. When the board is wider, it's harder to turn over on rail. That's why we put V into it, so it helps the board come over.

These boards are very easy to surf, easy paddlers, and a lot of fun in small surf.

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