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What Is a Fish Surfboard?

Learn about fish surfboards from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


If you’re gonna choose a fish board, fish boards are real fun and fast. If you’re gonna choose a fish board you're basically an intermediate to an expert surfer. The fish board has, as you can see, it has a fuller round nose, it still has a lot of area, in the, in the midsection and then it comes down into a swallowtail. Most fishes have swallowtails. Fish boards have a flatter rocker curve in the bottom of the board. The bottom contours are single to double with V, being that the V helps the board come over on rail. The rails on on a fish board are very soft and forgiving up forward and then once again they go back into a hard, hard edge back in there, and at the very tail their right on the edge so that the water is releasing off of the tail. These boards are really fun for intermediate, expert, and if you get a bigger fish, you could actually even learn on these boards because of the area in the boards are so wide. When you have width in the board it becomes very stable, paddling and surfing on it, and that is your basic fish board.

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