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What Is a Longboard aka Mal or Malibu Surfboard?

Learn about longboards, aka a Mal or Malibu surfboard, from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


Alright, We choose a longboard. This is a classic long board. Basically a long boards the perfect for beginners immediate and even the subject the guide once they feed back they are feeling in the fifties and sixties. it got four round nose carrying the area all the way back to the tail which create the surface area like no other board. This is the easiest boards for the beginners in immediate to get on ride away stand up in it surface. If we see here this is like all sixty single fingers. this is made of fiber glass. this one has a piece of wood going through it. far away classical long board, sometimes we may have concave up there up in the nose area as then it rose down it flap over through simple there and then rose after the rails. If you know the rear side very parallel keeping the area in the long board, the rails on the classical board are called 50 50 rails Which meaning the rails are completely round leading in the centre on the rear line. So thereby easy way to come over and turn. what it is parallel in the way in the eternal board, the rear line is so straight just immediately collide what surboard you have bumper real to real to gain speed this board because of the rear line is parallel and straight they just take off on natural collide as if the bird colliding on the across water. That is the basic on the board

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