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What Is Surfboard Glassing?

Learn about surfboard glassing from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


Glassing a surfboard. After you shape a surfboard out of the polyurethane blank, you have this surfboard shape, and then, basically you glass it with fiberglass and with a polyester resin.

All your short boards, your fishes are done with a lightweight 4 oz., keeping the boards light for performance.

You also have a 6 oz. fiberglass which is a much stronger fiberglass. That is put on your eggs, your fun shapes, your big wave guns, and your long boards.

Basically, you have two layers of fiberglass on the top, one layer on the bottom. You've got your core, your surfboard blank in the center, and there's your wooden stringer for strength.

They do the bottom of the board first. They laminate the bottom of the board. They'll put the fiberglass over the bottom of the board, and then, they'll mix polyester resin and a catalyst which is the hardener. It only gives the laminator, who is glassing the board a certain amount of time to finish that board.

Performance with glassing, some professionals only get one layer of 4 oz. on the bottom. The 4 oz. glass is going to give you the response, and the light weight, for the high performance board.

The 6 oz. glass is a heavier glass. Of course, your board's going to be heavier, but it will be stronger. What everybody's looking for is the lightest and the strongest surfboards.

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