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How Is Carbon Fiber Used in Surfboards?

Learn about carbon fiber surfboards from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


Carbon fiber. When you're thinking about carbon fiber, carbon fibers are probably one of the strongest material, as fiberglass, as we're using in the industry. Basically on this board here, we're using carbon for making this area a lot stronger. Because the surfer is pounding on the tail of his board and what happens is an expert surfer will pound on his tail and crush the foam. So we're using carbon to strengthen this area so that he can't pound this down.

Carbon is black in color and it's very expensive, but it really does the job as far as making the board a lot stronger. That's one way we've been using carbon fiber in the surfboard industry. The other way we've been using carbon fiber is to control flex. If we're using an EPS blank, a Styrofoam blank, EPS Styrofoam blank with epoxy resin, and what we do is there's no wooden stringer down the center of the blank. And we're putting carbon along the whole rail of the board to stiffen up that surfboard to give it memory. That's pretty much carbon.

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