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What Is a Twin Fin Surfboard?

Learn about twin fin surfboards from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


If you're going to choose a twin fin; basically it was designed in the '70s by Mark Richards, the four time world champ. He's proven the twin fin to be a justifiable design. What a twin fin is is two side fins, do you notice there's no single fin. So what it does is the water flow comes down the board and there's no center fin so you get the maximum speed going through. The twin fins are a bigger set of fins and they hold into the face of the wave, so in other words, being on the rail like this, the fin's going to be in the face of the wave. And with a twin fin, they turn rail to rail very, very easily, and they're a really fast board, as the center fin will hold the board down and into the wave, whereas the water flow is coming down the bottom of the board, and now on the twin fin the inside fin on the side fin is flat and the outside is curved, so with the curve the water is holding the fin into the face of the wave, whereas the flatness is giving it lift into the wave, and so when the water flow comes down it's holding onto the outside of the fin, which when you're doing your turn is on the inside of the wave, and the inside is flat so it's giving it lift almost like an airplane wing, and it's holding that fin into the face of the wave. The thing about the twin fin is, some people find there's so much power in their turns because they don't have that third fin, they have a little bit of slide in it, and that's why twin fins are really good for the smaller days and beach break days.

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