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What Is a Thruster Tri Fin Surfboard?

Learn about thruster tri fin surfboards from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


Okay the thruster tri-fin. Basically this is what most boards, probably 85 percent of the boards today that are made. It's the design that Simon Anderson designed that won the Pipeline Masters and the Bells Beach and huge surf on 'em. You have your two side fins, you have your back fin which are all the same size. The water flow comes down the board, and then wraps around the side fins which the inside is flat, the outside is curve, holding the fin into the face of the wave. And then you have your back fin as a pivot fin which is a double foil fin which is curved on both sides. So, it's holding the tail down into the face of the wave, and helping it be able to do big powered turns in and out of the pocket. They're still very fast because of the side fins, and then they have a lot of traction with your back fin. So it's, you can turn the board in any part of the wave that you want. And so if you're flying down the line and you want to do a big mid-face turn you can do it on a thruster. Now a thruster is good for intermediate all the way up to the expert, obviously. It's a proven design, it's the number one design in today's market.

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