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What Are Removable Fins on a Surfboard?

Learn about removable fins from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


There is two things that are really good about removable fins. One, you can change your fins up. And so, in other words, let's say one day the waves are big and you put in your big fins, or it's a smaller day and you can change into a smaller fin set up. This is an FCS plug, the fusion plug, and basically your fin, it's a two tab system, and basically two screws, and you just put it right in there, tighten down the screws, both screws, and then your fins in there. If you're traveling, it's no fun to get to the destination if you have a glass-on fin, and the people at the airport crack your fin off. So, with removable fins, you can actually remove the fins so that nobody can hurt it, put it into your board bag, and it's going to be there and ready to surf when you get to your destination. And the other thing is, you can get multiple boards in the board bag, and hopefully they won't charge you. If you're surfing a big day, you put in your bigger fins, if it's a smaller day, you put in your smaller fins, and that board will change due to that fin design. You put in your big fin, you're going to get a stiff, a lot of holding, you put in your small fins, you're going to get a quick turn and faster. And that is your five fin set up in removable fins.

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