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10 Tips for Picking a Surfboard Fin System

Learn about fin systems from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


If you're going to choose a removable fin system, you're going to be choosing, on your single fin long board, you're going to probably choose a bane box that works in the long boards or in your short boards, or your guns, or your fun shaped, you might choose the FCS system. It's a two-tab system or you might choose the future fin system, which is a channel system with one screw. This is a future system, and basically, after I shape it, we route the hole for the box. It's put into the board, and then fiberglass is put over it, sanded smooth and then the box is set into the board. It has a little notch out here. It's got a bar in the back, and you just slide it into the back, pushing it down in the front, and then you have a one screw system in it, locks it down into place. Now this system is good because the whole base fits into the slot channel.

Some people like this system because of that reason. There's no play in the system at all. The box is lamented in, and it's a very good performance system. This is an FCS system, and basically, it's a two-tab system. Basically, you have your two plugs in the bottom of the board that after the lamination, they drill the holes and set the plugs in it and then sand it smooth.

The two tabs go into the holes and then there are two allen-head screws that you tighten down to secure the fin down into the boxes.

It's a light system. They have high tech fins as well to offer. A lot of people like this system because it's light and they offer a lot of high tech fins. In your long boards your single fins, you have a bane box. It's a bane system and basically the fin has a bar that goes through it, and it slides down into the box. You work it back. You push it down, and then you take a regular standard screw driver and tighten in the screw.

If you notice the bane box, the movement of the fin goes back and forth. It can be moved forward to loosen up the board or moved back to stiffen up the turning of the board. And those are all of the fin systems.

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