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What Is a Surfboard Stringer?

Learn about surfboard stringers from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


What a stringer is it's the center line in the surfboard and what the center line is it is a piece of wood. So in your short board's you're gonna have maybe a eighth inch stringer, a eighth inch bass stringer and then when you get bigger the size of your boards gets bigger you wanna have a bigger piece of wood or a stringer in it. So that way it won't break and it adds to the performance of the boards. Basically when you compress it in to your turn the stringer bends and when you come out of your turn it flexes the board and it projects you out of your turns. And that's what the stringers are for. There performance and they're also for strength. So now in your big Hawaii gunge your gonna have maybe a half inch to an inch stringer in it and then in your short boards your gonna have a eighth inch smaller piece of wood in it. And they're different types of stringers. There is the bass wood stringer. This is a quarter inch bass wood. This is your eighth inch redwood. Then you also now you also have a plywood stringers that are used. And what they are, are there three pieces of wood laminated together and then put it to the center of the board. And basically how the stringers are put in, they mold the board, they mold the blank and then they'll cut the blank right down the center and they'll glue the stringer or the piece of wood down the string, down in the center of the board and then clamp the blank back together and let it dry. And that's basically your stringers.

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