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What Is a Squash Tail Surfboard?

Learn about squash tail surfboards from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


If you choose a squash tail, the squash tail is the most common tail in shortboarding today. The water flow will come down off of the fin area come around the point as it's still holding around this point in and out of your turns and then it releases off the square tail. So basically it follows that rail line around the tail and then releases. Squash tail is common in anywhere from small surf, medium surf; it is the most common tail today; it carries a lot of area in the tail for a lot of lift in small mushy surf. It's the most versatile tail on the market today as it works in every type of surf whether it be mushy, glassy this type of tail you'll have fun on this tail all day along. This is the squash tail.

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