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What Is a Wing Tail Surfboard?

Learn about wing tail surfboards from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


Basically a wing, what the wing is is a break in the rail line. So in other words the water flow will come down to the wing and the release off the wing which when I say release what it does is when you're going in your turn the water flow will come here, release and give you a quicker turn. So the water flow comes down here, releases off the wing and then you get a quick turn and also the wing is actually because it sticks out it actually holds into the face of the wave when you're driving on the face of the wave. The wing is usually situated right by the fin area. So that it works in conjunction with the fin. So right by the fin area you have your wing for release and it comes down and then it flows back into your tail. If you put, if you choose to put a wing into your rail line like that you are looking for a quicker snapping turning board. You like the fishtail or you like the rail line that you're going to be using. But you want to put a break in that rail line to make it turn that much quicker and release when you're turning. Otherwise, if you don't have a wing the water flow will go all the way down and not give you a release point and you'll project further down the line. So the wing is giving your release point and shortening the radius of the turn. That is your wing tip.

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