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9 Facts about Surfboard Nose Shapes

Learn about surfboard nose shapes from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


Okay. Choosing your nose shape. Basically on this board is a high performance nose. It's a narrower nose that comes to a point. And basically what that does it makes when you're doing your turn, it comes up to the face of the wave a lot easier and quicker than your fuller noses.

Okay. The disadvantages of it is that you lose your paddling of it. But mostly all of your high performance short boards will have a narrow nose on it. Also your guns will have a narrow nose.

Now this is your rounded nose. Okay. This is your fuller rounded nose. You have a lot of area up here. You have a lot of thickness which is great for paddling. And when you're surfing on a fuller nose it's going to project you down the line in a very smooth, smooth turn, whereas the more of a narrow nose, the high performance short board nose, it's going to send you up into the pocket of the wave.

This is your fullest of your noses. This is a round nose long board. And basically what this nose is, it's for hanging ten. Basically this is a nose that has a lot of area up forward so you can stand on it in the pocket and get up there and hang ten. And because of the area and the fullness up there, it'll support your weight.

And the other thing is with the round nose rider, is the reason you can get up there and nose ride, one, the nose being so wide and so round. And also there's a concave that's giving you lift underneath the nose of the board. So where you're standing it has concave and when you stand up there the concave's are giving you lift so you can hang ten or hang five.

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