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How to Use a Wax Comb on a Surfboard

Learn how to use a about wax comb from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to pick a surfboard.


Wax combs are great when you don't have wax, or even when you do have wax. Basically, a wax comb, you can see it's like comb. And basically what it does, is when you have your wax on there, you go and cross pattern it, and what it does, it scruffs up the wax that's on your board, and makes it so that you can still stand on it.

The wax comb also has, it's got the comb side, which scruffs up the wax, and then it also has a sharp side which when you want to take your wax off, you start scraping your wax off. It actually works as a scraper to scrape your wax off and put new wax on.

Now, the wax comb can be used after you put your wax on, and if you want it a little bit more rough, you use your wax comb to really scruff it up, and go out, and have fun surfing.

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