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10 Surfboard Waxing Tips

Learn ten surfboard waxing tips from Quiksilver's Michael Baron in this Howcast video about how to take care of a surfboard.


Surfboard waxing tips. You've got your new surfboard and basically base coat is a base coat of wax that you put on your board, it's a harder wax so it stays on there longer. When you're putting on your base coat you want to mark at little angles all the way up and then cross pattern it and then going in a circular motion with even pressure and waxing the board. Most of the time you don't really wax up here on a short board because you're not going to be hanging ten.

On a long board you're going to want to wax up in the nose area. After you've got a good base coat of wax on there then comes the sex wax. Sex wax comes in different temperatures so if you're surfing cold water, cool water or even tropical water, they have all different types of wax for the different temperatures of the ocean. You just want to go in a circular motion, waxing your board and making sure that where you're putting your feet you have the most amount of wax on it.

The reason why you wax your board is, if you didn't wax your board you're going to slip right off. The wax is what's holding you on your board and your feet are gripping to it. You really want to make sure you have a good coat of wax on there when you're surfing because when you're compressing into turns and turning you really want to make sure your feet aren't slipping.

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