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How to Pick a Surfboard with Michael Baron

Learn about Quiksilver's Michael Baron, one of Howcast's surfboard experts, in this video.


My names Michael Baron, I'm a professional surfboard shaper. I've been shaping surfboards and surfing for over 40 years. I got into shaping when I was 12 years old.

My dad made me and my sisters first boards and that gave me the inspiration to start shaping boards. The second board I shaped, I used in the United States Championships, which I got second place on. That started my shaping career.

Since then I was surfing professionally and working with some of the best shapers around the world. To the likes of The California Kid, Joey Buran and two time world champ, Tom Carroll. I feel really fortunate to be able to work with great shapers too underneath the Quicksilver Surfboard label like Simon Anderson.

One of the things for me as a shaper, that I really, really get off on is whether it's one of the pro riders or just a beginner; getting the surfer into my shaping room, bringing his old board in and talking about the good things and the bad things that the board did and then refining the design making it that much better.

It's the love of my life. I live it, breath it, sleep it. It's what I do; shape surfboards.

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