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How to Do the "Beat It" Dance like Michael Jackson

Learn how to dance like Michael Jackson to his song "Beat It" in this Howcast dance video featuring dancer Robert Taylor, Jr.


All right. What's going on y'all? So, we're about to do Beat It right now. This is probably one of your all time favorites of Michael Jackson, as well as mine. I'm going to bring it to you, baby. So, we're going to start out. Right foot is going to step out, right arm is going to hit. One, two, hit, three, left leg, four, right leg, five, six, left leg, seven, eight. Now you're going to reach up with the right arm. One, reach with the left, two, reach with the right again. This time the right foot comes out, three, and four on the left side, left foot comes out this time. Left, right and a five as you're reaching, the waist is going to come on the outside. Pull, waist goes on the inside. Six, and a seven, eight, mm-hmm.

Pretty much the pelvic thrust, which is one of Michael's all time favorite moves. So, from the top again. Start out with that left. We have five, six, seven, eight. Right foot steps on one, two, left foot, three, four, right foot, five, six, left foot seven, eight. Reach with the right arm, one, reach left, two, reach right, as well as the right foot, three. Reach left, as well as the left foot, four, ball change, five, reach out, pelvic thrust, six. Reach out, seven, pull in on the eight. Second part, left, right. And, one as both arms come out. You're going to turn, two. You're going to repeat the same thing on this side and three. And you're going to turn, four. You're going to hit, five. Left shoulder moves, hit six. Right shoulder moves, hold seven. Swing eight. One swing, two, three sway it, four, five, six, seven, eight. Mm-hmm. That last part one more time. So, you have seven, eight, the left is going to step and one, two, left foot steps again, and three, four, hit left shoulder, five, hit the right shoulder, hit six, hold seven, sway eight. One, two, sway three, four, make that sway. You've really got to sway that joint. Sway it. And a five, and a six, and a seven, eight.

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