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How to Do the "Dangerous" Dance like Michael Jackson

Learn how to dance like Michael Jackson to his song "Dangerous" in this Howcast dance video featuring dancer Robert Taylor, Jr.


All right, you guys, so we're going to be doing "Dangerous" by Michael Jackson off of his "Dangerous" album. We're going to start out with a walk out because he steps over somebody. You're going to go, left, right, sticks out, seven, eight. You're going to hit, one, four, five's going to come out on one. You're going to lunge that right leg. The left is going to be bent. So, you have, one, two, swing, three, and four. You're going to Mini-Mashed Potato. Five, six, seven, and eight. Mm-hmm. So, we have six, seven, here we go. Walk out seven, eight, hit one, two, three jumps. Three and hit four, five, six, twirl with the right arm, seven and eight. Hit one, two. You're going to go turn on the left. Three and you're going to snake toward your left, four, then toward your right. Swooping the left arm, five, six, and seven and eight.

Let's go back. You're going to walk out. Seven, eight. Hit one, two, jump, three, and four. Five, six, twirl seven, and eight. One, two, three, and snake to your left. Four, to the right, five. Six and seven and eight.

One, clap, two, and three and four. And, with your right, five and six and put the right arm up and bring the right leg in slightly. Seven and turn out again on the left side, eight and one, two, hold, three. Right leg, and four. Again, another pelvic thrust and a five and a six and a seven, and a click. And that's where we are.

Once again, that last part. So, we have three and four, five, six and a seven and eight. A one, two, three, and four, and a five, and a six, and seven, and turning on the left, eight. And one, that's the left arm. Eight and one. Two, three, left and four. Grab your jacket. You might want to get a jacket for this one so you create that illusion like "Ahh."

Click. And that's where we are.

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