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How to Do the "Rock with You" Dance like Michael Jackson

Learn how to dance like Michael Jackson to his song "Rock with You" in this Howcast dance video featuring dancer Robert Taylor, Jr.


All right, what's going on now? This is Rock With You, and this took place in the late 1970's so it's very groovy, and you're really sitting into the pocket of your groove. So whatever your groove is, you want to feel that. So, basically you can start either from your left or your right. Whatever's more feasible for you. What's happening is, you're digging in on a one, two, dig three, four, dig five, six, dig seven, eight. Excluding the upper body, what's happening is your knees are going to bend. Well, the first knee that you start with, the first leg, you knee is going to bend. The hip is going to sink into the knee. You're going to go on the one, and the heel is going to come up. So here's one, come out with it on the two. Other side you're going to go three, the knee is going to dig in, the heel is going to come up, the hip is going to sink and it's going to twirl around.

Four. You're going to repeat, five, sinking in. My hip's sinking in. My knee's bent. My heel comes up, five. His swerve, six. Again, repeat on the other side. A hip sinks. Knee bends. Heel comes up, seven, eight. Now keep in mind whatever's sinking, let's say my right hip sinks, my right leg bends, my right heel comes up. The part that's sinking is the part that swoops. So here I'm going to swoop to the right side. Now I sink in, my left hip sinks. My left knee sinks. My left heel sinks. I sink it and I swoop it over to the left side. So the swoop helps create that feel. You see what's happening?

Now, what's happening with the upper body, my arms are following those swoops. So let's say I'm swooping just on the right side. See what's happening? The arms are following those swoops. So if I'm swooping this way, my arms are going to also swoop this way. If I'm going to the left side, my arms are also going to swoop. Now what's also happening is, you're really going to dig into it. Because if you swoop here, if you don't swoop here, then you just get this type of feel. But if you dig it. So, with that in mind, let's try this with some music. I'll count you in.

And five, six, seven, right side. Play with it. Dig it.

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