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How to Do the "Smooth Criminal" Dance like MJ, Pt. 1

Learn how to dance like Michael Jackson to his song "Smooth Criminal" in this Howcast dance video featuring dancer Robert Taylor, Jr, part one of two.


All right you guys, so what's going on? So this is Smooth Criminal, and this is actually the video that made me want to sing and made me want to dance. Gives me goose bumps just knowing that I'm here teaching it to you guys. So he says his lyrics, and you're going to come in and you're ready and go step bop. Put your hat on. You might want to get a hat so you're going to go in one, now you're in one you're going to start with the right foot, and now the left one is going to come here on the one as you put your hat on. Then the right foot goes behind the left, two, three, whatever you're trying to do. Come back out with a fourth turn, right's going to cross the left as you turn, five hike up your pants on six.

Going on you have swipe the right leg in, seven, eight. One that's a chase, right, left, one. Tap the hat real quick, and two. Now you're going to swipe the left leg, and three, step four, and five, six. So you're going to go six, seven, and one, two, three out, four turn, five hike up, six swoop the right foot, seven, eight pose, one. You're going to go hit in two, three, and it's going to be like a mini ronde-jon going on with the right leg, three, four, and come out five, six, and point, seven, right, left, hit eight, and a one, two, and a three, four, and a five, six, and a seven, eight. And then Michael goes eight, one, you're going to smack the five, two step, cross, turn, then you're going to prep. Now here's a little mini-inside tutorial; his prep for his kicks. You're going to go right, left, and then you kick. So it's going to go pow! So you have right left, kick, tap yourself. You can tap yourself twice if you want, tap, look.

Let's go back, so we did, one, two, three, turn four, prep, here's your prep, remember the jump. Prep for a kick, five, tap, tap, six, seven, look, eight, one. Two, right left three, right left four, right left five, right left six, right left seven, eight. Right left. Right left. Right left. Right left. That's where you are. So the right's coming down, then the left comes down. Tap tap.

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