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How to Do the "Smooth Criminal" Dance Like MJ, Pt. 2

Learn how to dance like Michael Jackson to his song "Smooth Criminal" in this Howcast dance video featuring dancer Robert Taylor, Jr, part two of two.


All right, you guys. So, we're going into Smooth Criminal Part Two. This is the main course, so let us bare together in harmony. It's a crazy one. So, but we're going to go slow. You're going to go a one and two and three, and four. Now, you're going to go to the right. And five and six, hit and, tick seven, tick eight, and one. Let us go back.

So, you have one, you're going to point with the right, and two, and three. Mm-hmm. Shifting onto the left. And four. Now you're going to shift to the right, knees go to the right as well as the arms. And, bring it around to the left, five. Around to the right, and six. So, you're grabbing your hat with your right hand. Your left hand is on your hip, break it in, hit and. So, here's your position on the and. You're going to tick, seven, eight. You're going to bring the right hand across, and, bring it on the one. One. Mm-hmm. So you're going to hit in, with in, seven, eight, and one. Mm-hmm. Now, you're going to go left arm two, right arm three, four. Arms out on four. Bring both forearms in on the five. Mm-hmm. Michael stands up, the dancers are on the floor. Your choice in what you want to do. Spin six, seven, hit eight, one. Slide on your right side, two, three. Mm-hmm. You're sliding on the right, left leg is sliding. Two, three. Well, you're... Let me explain this. You're sliding on the right side, but your left leg is sliding in. So, as my body starts to slide on the right, the left leg follows. Three, four, swipe, and five, and, six, tap the hat seven, eight. Let's go back. Eight one, or eight one. You have slide to the right, two three step four with the left, swoop the right foot, and five and. Make sure you swoop it and scoop it on five. And, hit six, tap the hat seven. Mm-hmm. And then, after this, you repeat this. And two, three, and four, right left, and six, and a seven, eight. Mm-hmm. I know.

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