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How to Do "Billie Jean" Dance like Michael Jackson, Pt. 2

Learn how to dance like Michael Jackson to his song "Billie Jean" in this Howcast dance video featuring dancer Robert Taylor, Jr, part two of five.


We just did the intro of "Billy Jean", so now we're going to go into his freestyle moves. Freestyle move number one, you're going to glide in place. It's similar to the moonwalk, but the only difference is you're not traveling, you're just staying into the same place. If I start with my right foot, shoo, kick, push. You kick, push, kick, push, kick, push, kick push. Now what's happening here, as I'm kicking, I place the landing. If I start on my right, I kick on my right and I'm pushing through to the heel on my right foot as my left foot is skating backwards. Without both feet, it looks like this: shoo, ha, shoo, ha. Now if I'm going here and I use the other leg, shoo, that's what you have. Kick. As I'm pushing through my left heel, my right foot is coming back simultaneously as the left heel comes down. I kick here, I kick, go here. The kick goes to my right, goes down to the heel, the left foot goes back. I kick from my left, my left heel comes down as my right comes back, so you have this. Angle with the head, too, those isolations. That's one move.

Another move, you have a shuffle. One shuffle here. You have, he steps, here's your preparation. Prep, prep, give a little head nod, shoo, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. What's happening with the shuffle, weight is on one side of the leg. He shifts over to the other side. That's what it looks like in slow motion. Shoo. Now I'm shifting over to the right side, shoo, your left, my right. Shoo. So, that's a shuffle.

Now, you have an easy move here, ha, shoo, ha, shoo, ha, ch, ha, ch, ha. Basically, I'm doing jumps. Right left, left right, right left, left right. I'm going right left, that is what I'm going to use with the arm and point, shoo, ha, and usually his background singers, they go, "Ho, ho, ho, ho."

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