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How to Do the Crotch Grab like Michael Jackson

Learn how to do a crotch grab like Michael Jackson in this Howcast dance video featuring dancer Robert Taylor, Jr.


Right you guys, this is the Michael Jackson crotch grab. Now, he has a few different ones but I'm going to give you my favorite two. So, here's a series of moves before the crotch grab. Going to do two moves, then the crotch grab. Let's go, bang and then, you can go bang. Mm-hmm. And then, thrust, click, click. So, you can go mm-hmm. Quite a few different ones. Or you have this one. Kick, twist, hit and then, ha. Mm-hmm.

So, you have remember the prep, kick, hit, hit, woo-hoo. Ha, ha, shoo, mm-hmm. Yeah.

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