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How to Do a Head & Foot Walk like Michael Jackson

Learn how to do a head and foot walk like Michael Jackson in this Howcast dance video featuring dancer Robert Taylor, Jr.


Alright you guys, this is the Michael Jackson head and foot walk. So, it' almost like his own pimp walk. So you're going to go flick, lets just go over the feet first. Flick, one, flick, two, flick, three, flick, four. You can make a circle with it as well. Flick, five, flick, six, flick, seven, flick, eight. Now when the foot goes in, the head goes down, when the foot goes out, head comes up. So what's happening is, and one, and two, and a three, and a four, and a five, and a six, and a seven, and a eight. Now during this walk, he does a couple of gestures. He does three main gestures. The point, the shaking hand or the your talk is cheap hand. So with that in mind you have, a one, two and a three and a four, one, two three, four or this one six, seven and then a eight. This was his 1987 joint right yeah. It's, like you got to get, get into the crease. Into the crease, into the crease, all right.

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