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How to Moonwalk Forward like Michael Jackson

Learn how to moonwalk forwards like Michael Jackson in this Howcast dance video featuring dancer Robert Taylor, Jr.


Alright you guys so we are going to do the Moon Walk forwards. Forward but still in place. So what's happening is, same idea as the moon walk, but the only difference is you're not going back. So you're going to do the same thing as we did in the Moon Walk. Now, normally, in the Moon Walk, we would start to go back but in this one your weight is going to continuously stay. And now we're kicking the left to stay in the place. See what's happening. So we're kicking a leg placing and then we push through. So if I'm starting on my left, I want to kick the left, prepare, go through the ball of the feet and heel, as my right foot just skates back. I going to kick my right, prep, the weight is going be on the right foot. I'm going to go to the heel, and the left foot just slides back. Once more. I'm going to kick the left, make sure you'll push through the ball of the foot first and then go to the heel and that's right, kick through press to the ball of the foot, and to the heel, and the left is sliding back. For my technical dancers you want to go through your metatarsals.

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