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How to Moonwalk Sideways like Michael Jackson

Learn how to moonwalk sideways like Michael Jackson in this Howcast dance video featuring dancer Robert Taylor, Jr.


All right you guys. We're going to do the moonwalk sideways or a.k.a. the side glide. So pretty much the same exact thing as the moonwalk in place. Same thing as the original moonwalk. Your only difference is you're turning your heels forward. So I want to start with my heel turning on the inside. Remember how we pressed with the moonwalk going this way. Same thing but now you got to turn that heel inwards because we're going travel towards the side that you're going towards. I want to start pressing through my left and I'm going to travel to my right. So I'm going to press here. Press. My right foot is sliding. I'm shifting weight over and I'm bringing this right heal up. The left foot is coming in. Guess what? I'm going to turn out again and push. And now my right heel comes up as my left foot comes in. I repeat. Left heel turns out. I push through the ball of the foot to the heel as the right foot skates in. And this right heel comes up and I go to the ball of the foot, to the heel. And so that comes in. That is our side glide.

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