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How to Do the James Brown Shuffle like Michael Jackson

Learn how to do the James Brown Shuffle like Michael Jackson in this Howcast dance video featuring dancer Robert Taylor, Jr.


All right, you guys, we're going to do the Michael Jackson James Brown Shuffle. Now, there's two different versions of this shuffle. One shuffle, you can actually count it. The second one, you can't.

So, I know I'm unable to count it. Let's not say, "can't," let's just say "unable to at the moment."

So, you're going to go, One. Now this is the main stance that you want to hold, right here. This one right here because this is the pause of all of it, which is on the three, the five, and the seven. You start it on one.

One, snap and turn in. Two. Now the right is going to come on the, And turn out. The left is going to turn out as well. But on the right, you're going to be on the ball of the foot.

Now, on the three, you come back to this position. You're going to go, four and five. Six. Now, I'm going on the heel. On the left, and I'm picking up my right foot. And, now guess what, I'm going to pick up my left foot this time. Seven. And my right toe comes out, staying on the right heel.

I know. I know what you're thinking. What's going on? I got ya. Here, you step out. Your right foot is going to pick up. The left heel just shifted, this way.

You have here, shift, [pick up the left foot and just move the right toe. Shoot. See what's happening? So, here. Step. Here. Causing, shoot.

Now, the other shuffle, you just gotta go. You know what I mean? You just gotta go. So, basically, in slow motion, this is what's happening. The heels are swaying from side to side. Hands are on the waist, and you can use your hips to kind of help you guide through. So, here.. Slow motion for you.

And sometimes, one foot kind of trickles. And then sometimes, he has another foot that goes here, and this one is kind of coming here.

Together it's like. See what's happening? There you go. It's crazy, I know. You can do it.

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