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How to Do a Toe Stance like Michael Jackson

Learn how to do a toe stance like Michael Jackson in this Howcast dance video featuring dancer Robert Taylor, Jr.


Alright you guys, we're going to do the Michael Jackson toe stance. Now, you want to make sure you have the right shoes for this, which means you have to have a great plate of a sole which is in front of the shoe or the sneaker or whatever you are about to wear. So, with that in mind, I'm not going to lie to you, my loafers kind of went out of commission right now. So I have to break out the dunks real quick. So, you can use your spin move before the toe stance, because that's usually when he does it. Like, including that Billie Jean sequence. So, you want to do your spin move, however many spins you want to do. And then you land, [BOW!] Right there. So then you want to try to hold that. So, once again, spinning, shew. One or two spins, and then you are going to go, [BOW!] That is your tow stance. Okay, guys, now I can't stress enough to you that you have to wear the right shoes. No flip flops, no sandals, no bare feet, no soft shoes, no soft sole. I'm talking about the hard soles that are really going to protect your toes. So really, really use that. There is no way that I'm doing this without hard soles of the feet. So really, really keep that in mind. Don't forget it. Alright, you guys, we're going to do the toe stance together.

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