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How to Dance like Michael Jackson with Robert Taylor, Jr.

Learn about Robert Taylor, Jr., one of Howcast's dance experts, in this video.


Alright you guys, what's going on. My name is Robert Taylor Jr. or aka the Woo man. I'm a entertainer. I'm a singer/dancer/actorm and I've been doing this for about 20 years, you know, entertaining. Really sorely sipping myself into the dance community for 15 years and more so into the music industry for the last five years. I released two songs on iTunes this year, one song is called Get Down Tonight, another is called Break It Down. I was on So You Think You Can Dance last year, last season, season eight made the top 16. I was in a music video with (?) as a dancer for the wined up song. I recently just danced for LL Cool J as a dancer.

I first discovered Michael's music back in the year of 1987. The 1987 Smooth Criminal video captured me and you know just seeing him in his style and the way he gave his flare, and his voice and his demeanor and what every move meant and using his dancers in the whole scenery in the whole your know 1930s' style. Yeah, I really felt I immersed as a child wanting to do something just like him. It made me want to become a entertainer and he's why I sing, he's why I dance, he's why I express love, peace and unity. So if you want to find me on line you can look me up on twitter which is @d8robert, the letter D, the number eight, Robert. My Facebook fan page is

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