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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 28 - Chapter 3

Check out part 28 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Helena: Careful! That things still around here.

Leon: Okay. I'll find a place to climb up. Helena: Can you do something about these bars?

Helena: I can try. Hold on. Get out of there! It's coming!

Leon: Shit! Thanks. Helena! I need some backup! Thanks.

Helena: Now's your chance. Move! You alright? You got it. Come on!

Leon: Get ready. Here it comes. Aim for the dynamite!

Helena: Good job. He's sterilizing the area.

Leon: And destroying the evidence.

Helena: How could he?

Ingrid: Thank God you're still alive!

Leon: Where's Simmons?

Ingrid: After speaking with you, he left in a hurry.

Leon: Shit!

Helena: Where did he go?

Ingrid: As he was leaving, he was talking to someone on the phone. He didn't sound too happy.

Helena: Any way we can find out where he went?

Ingrid. Don't' worry. I've got a tail on him. He's on his way to the airport right now where his private jet is preparing to leave for China.

Leon: China?

Ingrid: Yes. Take a look at these.

Helena: What happened?

Ingrid: Another bio-terrorism attack. The BSAA confirmed it was the same one used in Eastern Europe six months ago call the C-virus.

Leon: C-virus?

Helena: We saw cocoons just like that, here.

Leon: We need to stop Simmons and take him into custody right away.

Ingrid: We have no evidence and right now, you two are on that top of their list of suspects.

Helena: Oh.

Leon: Listen Hunnigan, I need you to fake our deaths. Can you do that?

Helena: What?

Ingrid: Of course, but they'll figure it out eventually. What are you going to do?

Leon: We're going to China.

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