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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 33 - Chapter 4

Check out part 33 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Ada: Leon, Helena. Come in. If sherry's Intel's on the money, Simmons should be just up ahead. Be careful. Hunnigan out.

Helena: Leon, are you sure you're really okay with this?

Leon: Our target is Simmons. Always has been.

Helena: You don't regret not following her, do you?

Leon: We'll have to worry about Ada, later. Right now we need to focus on Simmons.

Helena: Alright. Let's go get this son-of-a-bitch. Roger. Simmons!

Simmons: Well, this is unexpected.

Sherry: No! Wait!

Simmons: Ah, Agent Birkin. Impeccable timing. Kindly take these two into custody. Won't you?

Sherry: They said you were involved in the terrorist attack. Is it true?

Simmons: What are they running down on the street screaming to anyone who'll listen?

Sherry: Answer me!

Simmons: It't for the benefit of the United States and Global Security.

Leon: Cant' see how killing the President is good for the country.

Sherry: The President's dead?

Simmons: Well, we have Leon to thank for that.

Helena: God damn you Simmons!

Simmons: Dispose of them.

Sherry: No!

Simmons: Hold your fire. Those two are still of use to us.

Leon: You need to be more careful.

Piers: Well alright. What's the plan hero?

Leon: You think you can make it to that door?

Piers: Why don't we just waste them?

Leon: Because I need you to take care of Sherry.

Simmons: Can we wrap this up? I do have better things to do.

Sherry: What are you two going to do?

Helena: Finish Simmons.

Sherry: There's information on here that can stop the C-virus. Simmons want's it.

Leon: Thanks. I'll put a call into FOS, get you some protection. Now move!

Simmons: Alert the men outside. She got me. Well played.

Helena: He's getting away.

Leon: Come on! Simmons!

Helena: Get back here! We can't let him escape.

Leon: He won't. We're ending this now. We're coming for you Simmons.

Helena: Time to pay for everything you've done. Okay!

Ada: i'm just giving you exactly what you gave me Simmons. At first you'll be afraid, but don't worry, you're just becoming the monster you always were. You and everyone else on the planet.

Leon: Give it up Simmons! We've got you.

Simmons: You still chase me while that woman is on the loose?

Leon: What woman?

Simmons: That traitor, Ada Wong. Who knows what she's got in store.

Leon: Another team was sent after her. And you Simmons? You're all ours.

Simmons: Are you here to avenge the President? Is that it? You fools. Had he disclosed the truth behind Raccoon City, the U.S. would have lost all of its authority and the global political order would have collapsed.

Helena: So to avoid one possible disaster, you create another? No matter how many people die?

Simmons: He had to be stopped! He was leading my country and this world into complete chaos. The woman, how dare she do this to me?

Helena: Dam You!

Leon: Careful. Stay back. We're too close. Let's move! Let's get some distance while we have the chance.

Simmons: Ah, dam you. Dam you both! I'll kill you with my bare hands.

Leon: Helena, are you alright?

Helena: Did we kill him? Leon! Leon, you alright? Tell me I'm seeing things. Leon, move! He's coming for you. Get off that train. I'll keep him occupied. Leon! Over here!

Simmons: [inaudible 00:06:18] I'll tear you both to shreds!

Helena: Leon, hurry!

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