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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 41 - Chapter 6

Check out part 41 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Chris: Another round.

Piers: Hard to find a good steak around here, not like back home.

Chris: Fill her up.

Woman: You've had enough.

Chris: Listen, sweetheart, you're here to pour drinks and look pretty. So how about you shut your mouth?

Woman: How about you get the hell out of my bar?

Chris: Nowhere to go.

Man: [foreign language 00:01:21].

I said she asked you to leave.

Piers: Never thought I'd find Chris Redfield wasting away in a shithole like this.

Chris: Who the hell are you?

Piers: Piers. Piers Nivans?

Chris: Never heard of you.

Piers: How about this? You heard of this?

Chris: What is that?

Piers: You really don't remember anything, do you?


Chris: Bio . . .

Piers: You can't hide from your past, Chris, no matter where you go or what you do.

Chris: Who are you? What is this?

Piers: Okay, you don't remember me? Well, how about them? Look. I said look! Those were your men, men who died under your command. You owe it to them to remember, Chris. If you walk away now, then this was all for nothing!

Chris: Stop!

Piers: Damn it! Six months of searching for you and this is what I find!

Chris: BSAA.

Piers: Yeah, it's where you belong. Everyone's waiting.

Chris: Everyone?

Piers: We're taking you back, Captain. One way or another.

Chris: I can't keep running away. I have to face the truth, accept responsibility. That's the only way I'll ever remember, the only way I'll get my life back.

HQ: HQ to Alpha Team, no change to your mission. Supress the bioterror outbreak while proceeding to point Ace of Spades.

Piers: Roger that. Prepare to drop on the Eight of Clubs. We'll make our way to the Ace of Spades and find those UN workers.

Echo Team Soldier: Echo to HQ, we've encountered hostiles at Diamond Three. Moving in to engage.

HQ: HQ, copy.

Piers: Roger.

Reporter: The BSAA has arrived on the scene. Excuse me, can I get a comment please? Excuse me, is this related to the situation back in the States? Is the BSAA involved there as well?

Chris: Look at this.

Piers: Target is ahead.

Alpha Team Soldier: Come in, HQ. Route 4 is a mix of civvies and hostiles. Got anything else?

Chris: That son of a . . .

HQ: Alpha Team, switch course from Route 4 to Route Niner. Head to the destination through the building in the Six of Clubs.

HQ to all teams. Alpha is on route to Ace of Spades. After they rendezvous with Delta, we will proceed with the operation as planned.

Bravo Team Soldier: Bravo to HQ, we're currently engaged with hostiles at the Four of Hearts. It's not looking good. Requesting immediate backup.

HQ: Copy that. HQ to Charlie, assist Bravo at the Four of Hearts.

Chris: They're killing unarmed civilians. They're going to really love us.

Piers: Roger.

Chris: It's healing itself.

Piers: Piers to HQ, we've made contact with J'avo! It's the same kind we dealt with back in Edonia.

HQ: Copy that. Proceed with extreme caution.

Chris: Move! Move! Move!

Oh, shit!

Got to put an end to this mess!

HQ: Alpha Team, proceed to Route Niner. Take a back alley to get to the Ace of Spades.

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