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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 43 - Chapter 6

Check out part 43 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


HQ to Alpha Team. That tournament building up ahead is the ace of spades. The U.N.staff that have been taken hostage are inside. Proceed with extraction.

Chris: HQ, we've encountered a type five mutation.

HQ: Wait, wait.

Chris: Charlie to HQ, we regrouped and are awaiting new orders.

HQ: Things are going to well over at the three of diamonds, they need you down there.

Chris: Roger that. Roger.

Piers: Captain!

Chris: I guess the muscle memory saved me there. Hey Piers, I'm taking a little fire here. I saved your ass. You want to return the favor? I'm going to need a hand here. Make your way back to me asap.

HQ: We'll radio HQ for backup. You two proceed to the Ace of Spades.

Chris: Roger. I'd like to know where they keep coming from. Piers, can I get some cover?

Piers: No problem, Captain.

HQ: HQ to Bravo. Alpha needs to move out of the Ace of Spades. Can you relieve them?

Chris: Roger. Coming in through the four of hearts.

Piers: I'm on it.

HQ: HQ to Alpha Team. You're almost at the Ace of Spades.

Man: Goddamn it! An RPG right on HQ. We're taking some major heat over here. I don't think we'll make it in time to relieve Alpha.

HQ: HQ here. Copy that.

Piers: Roger.

Chris: Chris to HQ. We're at the Ace of Spades.

HQ: Copy that. Bravo Team has been dispatched to assist with search and rescue. Standby for instructions.

Chris: Good I need a break.

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