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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 44 - Chapter 6

Check out part 44 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Chris: Damn it!

Piers: We've been spotted. They're right on top of us!

HQ: HQ to Bravo Team, Alpha Team surrounded by hostiles. Get to the Ace of Spades on the double.

Bravo Soldier: Alpha Team, this is Bravo. We're moving as fast as we can. Keep your panties on, everyone!

Piers: Alpha Team here. Roger that. We'll do what we can until you get here.

How many of these assholes do we have to kill?

Chris: Where the hell is that backup?

Bravo Soldier: Hey, guys! Happy to see us? Bravo Team, weapons hot! Don't leave any J'avo standing.

Chris: Finally!

Piers: Choose your targets, and let's finish this!

HQ: All BOWs have been eliminated. Alpha Team, help Bravo Team get the civvies out of there.

Piers: I'm on it.

HQ: HQ to Alpha, we have your mission brief. Rescue the hostages on the first and seventh floors, and then get out of the building. As soon as all teams are clear, we will commence bombing.

Piers: Clear.

HQ: HQ to Alpha, the hostages are just up ahead of you. Eliminate the hostiles in there and get those . . .

Piers: Alpha here. Roger that. We're going in.

Man 1: Oh God!

Woman: Help me!

Help me!

Piers: Alpha to HQ, seventh floor hostage secured.

HQ: The floor above you. You need to move quickly.

Delta Soldier: Delta Two to HQ, all hostages on the top floor are secured. I'm leaving the building now.

Man 2: Help!

Piers: Alpha to HQ, eighth floor hostage secured.

HQ: Copy that.

Piers: There's one more on the first floor.

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