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Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough Part 47 - Chapter 7

Check out part 47 and fight off hordes of the undead in Capcoms' latest survival horror title, Resident Evil 6


Chris: Alpha to HQ, our route is blocked by a BOW.

HQ: Change course from Route 1 to Route 4.

Finn: Those things are enormous! I didn't know BOWs could get that big.

Chris: They're giving them new stuff. They can make any kind of freak show they want.

Finn: Damn it! They're all over us!

Alpha Team 1: Use the APC for cover! Hurry! Get behind it!

Alpha Team 2: Find cover! We'll be torn apart in the open!

Finn: I'll use the APC to get through that fence.

I hit an anti-tank mine! The APC is busted!

Piers: Finn, get over here. I need you to blow this fence.

Finn: I'm on it, sir. Setting charges now.

Piers: There's a train car blocking the way! This route is a no-go!

Finn: I'll blow the car and clear a path! I need you to cover me until I get it set.

I'm working as fast as I can here. Hang in there!

It's ready to blow! Grab some cover!

HQ: HQ to Alpha Team, City Hall is on the other side of the bridge. Pick up Bravo and move in.

Chris: What's the status? Any casualties?

HQ: They've got a man down on the bridge.

Piers: Tank on the bridge! The whole thing is blocked off!

Chris: Okay, people, getting to the wounded is priority one.

Bravo Team 1: Alpha Team, lay down suppressing fire from the flank. All snipers, form on my mark.

Bravo Team 2: He's just up ahead, but he's hurt bad. You've got to get him out!

Finn: Copy that. I'll take point.

Captain! Over here!

Chris: I owe you one, Finn. How's our injured friend?

Finn: Still with us. I'm going to administer first aid.

HQ: Alpha Team, come in. There's an old T-42 tank moving on your position. Looks like it's had some modifications.

Finn: They're bringing out the big guns for us. Be careful, Captain!

Chris: I'm going to need a bigger gun.

Piers: Captain, if you draw the tank out of position, I can take care of that truck.

Chris: Piers! There's a fuel tank behind the truck. Shoot it!

Piers: Captain, the tank is still in my way. I don't have a clear shot. See if you can draw it away.

Chris: Nice shooting, Piers!

Piers: The way is clear. We better catch up with Captain Redfield. Let's go!

Chris: I'm heading for the upper level of the bridge. Meet me up on top.

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