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How to Use Massage Oil in an Ayurvedic Massage

Learn how to use massage oil in an Ayurvedic body massage from massage therapist Lara Narayani Golland in this Howcast massage video.


Doing Abhyanga, doing warm oil massage, there's many ways to heat your oil. I have here some examples of products to use for Abhyanga, which is Ayurvedic warm oil massage. I have here a nice essential oil blend. I like the Ajara Ayurvedic Beauty. There are many choices for essential oils to use in your warm oil massage that you can blend in with your base oil.

This is an eight ounce bottle of sesame oil, organic sesame oil. I recommend cold pressed organic oil for massage because it is most nourishing, and it is most sustainable for the planet as well as for the individual.

For heating the oil, this is a nice device. It is a way that we heat the oil using a tea light, natural fire. Just a regular tea light, preferably is a soy candle or beeswax. And it's placed and lit underneath. Once the oil is poured in to the vessel, it heats rather quickly to be used directly on the body.

These are wonderful options for oil in your warm oil massage.

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