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How to Give a Back Massage with Oil & Ayurvedic Techniques

Learn how to do a back massage with Ayurvedic body massage techniques and warm oil from massage therapist Lara Narayani Golland in this Howcast video.


So in doing this back sequence, there is usually a focus in ayurvedic massage, where we are working on the whole person and not just the parts. So, for the sake of the instruction, we're going to breaking down the low back and the shoulders. Usually in doing ayurvedic massage, specifically abhyanga, which is the warm oil massage that I'm demonstrating.

We are focusing on getting the oil in the body, and working on the vyuse, the directional flow of energy, as well as lubricating the skin, nourishing the tissues, and supporting the overall system, with medicated or natural oil.

This is warm. Okay? Temperature okay? So I like to begin with the figure eight for the back, for the whole back, and then reversing the figure eight. Being sure to use right body mechanics, bending the knees, and breathing. Now working just on the lower back, I also will do a figure eight for the low back.
This is super nurturing, feels really good, and is really nice treatment for the low back. Muscularly, as well as on more subtle levels.

Some of these strokes done are similar to western strokes, in that, I am working on muscles. Being aware of where the muscles are in the body, but the intention is more comprehensive. So also for the low back, I will do some pulling, and if my client had some issues and concerns, I could do some more Swedish techniques. Depending on her constitution. If her constitution is more pita, which is the more energized, stimulated, which we talk about in the dosha video. Then, I want to make sure not to do too deep, or too intense of strokes, and I want strokes that are more harmonizing and calming.

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