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How to Give a Head & Scalp Massage using Ayurvedic Massage

Learn how to give a head and scalp massage using Ayurvedic techniques from massage therapist Lara Narayani Golland in this Howcast massage video.


In this video I'm going to demonstrate using oil for a scalp massage, and doing some marma points for opening up the energy in the head, and for helping to relax the mind. So this is warm sesame oil, and I'll apply a little bit to my hand, make sure the temperature is good, and apply it right above the hairline to the forehead, which is very calming and relaxing. And then I will gently massage the oil into the scalp.

There can also be a lot more oil used than that, but for now just introducing a little bit of oil, and of course you want to get the consent, if you're giving a massage, from your client that they're okay with having oil in their hair on that day. And if you're getting a massage, make sure that you ask.

So I'm doing some basic techniques for relaxing, doing a little bit of pulling, and depending on the client's sensitivity, if they're high-pitta and they're very sensitive, is that pulling okay? They will tell you, so ask. I'm pressing points along the scalp where the hairline kind of forms a little V, following there and doing a gentle press.

For the sake of this video, I'm going to press down and show, just three times with my thumb, but usually I would take my time, if I was extending, and I would do circles along each point, as I'm going to do here for the middle. So again I'm going, it's hard to see, but I'm going with my thumb, in clockwise, over the points, down the center, until they reach the center, and then again, the final is another indentation in the back of her part of the head. And that is how you do a basic Ayurvedic scalp massage.

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