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How to Give a Hand Massage using Ayurvedic Body Massage

Learn how to give a hand massage using Ayurvedic body massage techniques from massage therapist Lara Narayani Golland in this Howcast massage video.


I've just put the oil on the hand of my client, and I'm going to lift up the hand, being mindful of the energy of the client, making sure that she is relaxed, kind of doing a little shaking, so that there is a letting go of the hand into mine, and I will begin doing some circles outward over the wrist using my palms and thumbs, and opening up the hand, using the thumbs to do some nice, kind of strong strokes with the fingers because it feels good. How's that pressure? Perfect, she said.

And then doing circular motions around the knuckles, and then a slight pulling out of the fingers. And the goal is to support the energy flow around the knuckles, as well as to have a lubrication going into the joints, because the oil goes in through the skin right into the circulation system. In doing warm oil massage, the skin is eating the oil, it's an organ of the body, and so anywhere that we're using oil, hands included, we want to encourage it to go into the body to support nourishing, healing, detoxifying.

And then doing a little shaky with the wrist, and pulling up, out the fingers. I will finish doing in the center of the hand, there's a point right here called talahedria, connected to the heart. So I'll hold that until I see a noticeable change in her breathing, or about three breaths. And then when I'm done, take a moment and speak with touch, to hold her hand as a symbol of completion of massage by the hand. And that is how you do an Ayurvedic hand massage.

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