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How to Massage the Front of the Legs using Ayurvedic Massage

Learn how to massage the front of the legs using Ayurvedic body massage techniques from massage therapist Lara Narayani Golland in this Howcast video.


Like massaging other parts of the body with Abhyanga warm oil massage, we will be using sesame oil on the legs and doing a nice drip followed by a rubbing in of the oil. Making sure that the stroke is long, starting from the foot going all the way up to the hip, around, and back down. Followed by three, five, or seven times.

Then working on the lower leg, doing slight ringing and doing some nice circles around the knee. In warm oil massage, we want to get into the joints as much oil and energy as possible to support calming and grounding of the skeletal system and of wind, or vata, in the body. Do a nice slight pulling of the area underneath the knee, followed by some long, flowing strokes for the thigh.

Using flat palm is the technique used for calming and grounding of the nervous system. One of the popular techniques that we do is rubbing. This gets the oil into the body through the skin faster. That is the basic technique for Ayurvedic massage for the front of the leg.

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