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How to Give a Face Massage using Ayurvedic Body Massage

Learn how to give a face massage using Ayurvedic body massage techniques from massage therapist Lara Narayani Golland in this Howcast massage video.


So, for Ayurvedic face massage, I'm doing a combination really, of aroma therapy and marma. I'm going to put a few drops in my hand, and then I'm going to use my ring finger. Take a little bit, on the tip, and I'm going to place on her marma points, on her face with the scented oil. And one for the top of the head.

I'm going to rub the oil into my hands, and I'm going to use my thumbs on top of each other, to hold for about three breaths each. This is connecting the energy lines. By using marma, you're nourishing the nervous system, and you're also connecting all the different layers. The skin, the blood, the tissues, the bones.

Marma is a very subtle massage technique, It's very powerful. So it's important when doing marma on the face or on the body, to know and to learn, with an experienced teacher.

And then following that, I will do some strokes that are commonly done by estheticians or by massage therapists, using the fingers to stroke, but in Ayurvedic face massage, we go up and out from the center.

Now the oil, that is specific oil, for her constitution, is being massaged into the skin.

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